The Meaning

Célèbre, which means “celebrated” in French, is an elegant customizable jewelry brand created to celebrate women on a deeper level. The idea was born in 2011 while shopping for a meaningful gift to give one of my closest friends who had overcome a recent hardship.

The Values

I have always been a firm believer that women should be celebrated, not only for what is seen on the outside but for their inner beauty and strength. I wanted something that would celebrate her strength and resilience in a beautiful way.

The Inspiration

While on this quest, I could not find something that was both sophisticated & deeply meaningful and so the concept of Célèbre was born. It would take 8 years and the sudden passing of my mother Jeannie at age of 52 for this dream to come to life. My mother was the one person in my life to consistently celebrate the woman that I was, in every triumph and valley.

The Goal

My mother and I shared the idea of Célèbre enthusiastically and had many discussions about it over time. The event of her passing, and in remembrance of her, I knew I needed to bring this dream to reality. Creating a physical reminder for women everywhere of the strength that lies within them just as my mom had for me all of my life.

The Legacy

Therefore, this brand is in honor of my Mother, with the hope to honor & continue her legacy by meaningfully celebrating women everywhere for generations to come.